Our new album FOXES is out since October and so far the feedback has been great. Touring through all our favorite cities with new songs, finally, has been a real blast. If we'd be handing out awards around here we would have to give "Wildest Crowd" to Halle, "Best Knowledge of Lyrics" to Oberhausen and "We Actually Know Most Of You Guys By Name" to Erfurt. Of course, we would have to invent a special award for the crazy days we spent in Tokyo, playing a show and shooting a tiny film for #inspiredby, but that's another story - told in pictures right here.

Christmas is coming around again and our buddies at Audiolith Records stocked up on merchandise to fulfill all your wishes if you want to throw bandshirts or CDs at your loved ones. So get your cursor over there and click the shit out of your virtual shoppingcart! As long as you lay back and enjoy the holidays we'll be working on our next single IKARI and the upcoming second part of the FOXES tour. Have a great Christmas everybody, we hope to see you right there:

10.01.2014 Wolfsburg - Sauna-Klub
11.01.2014 Rostock - Zwischenbau
17.01.2014 Leipzig - Täubchenthal
18.01.2014 Karlsruhe - Z10
24.01.2014 Kassel - Schlachthof Kassel
25.01.2014 Schnaitsee - Kuahgartn
30.01.2014 Ilmenau - BD-Club
31.01.2014 Erlangen - E-Werk
01.02.2014 Fulda - Kreuz

XO and all the love!